Why Work With Bart Wolbers?

I’ve been focused on natural health for more than 15 years.

Very few people actually have a holistic approach in which they integrate diet, movement, the environment you live in (such as the air you breathe), and give you actionable advice on these topics.

For the last few years of my journey, I’ve integrated both the science on these topics as well as developing my clinical experience in this area.

A famous health coach once said in 2004 that if you fully understood the health science of that time, you’d be ready to win the 1988 Olympics. The same is true for treating complex health problems:

Today, the published science is slowly warming up to the idea that “Electromagnetic Fields” (EMFs) in your environment may be dangerous, or that black mold is not benign. Practitioners – in part through measurement and quantification with lab tests – have already known these truths for quite some time.

Hence, if you’re merely developing a health approach based on published science without taking the rich contribution of clinical experience into account, you’re not getting the result you should be getting.






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Bart combines research and real world experience to systematically troubleshoot your health and wellness issues and will recommend strategies to help you achieve your goals. More importantly, after you have worked with Bart, you will have the knowledge and resources to take your own health to the next level.”

Bradley Clark, Michigan