The 17th century state of physics has great analogies to the state of medicine today.

In the early 17th century, no unified theory existed that could explain motion. Proponents of an Aristotelean worldview stemming from ancient Greece still existed back then, as well as aherents to Rene Descartes’ vortex model of mechanics.

In 1687, however, Isaac Newton published his Philosophiae Nautralis Principia Mathematica that supplies a unifying account of motion both here on Earth as well as in space.

In medical science in 2019, a somewhat similar viewpoint is developing.

Dr. Anthony Beck has developed a framework that reduces health most of medicine basic electromagnetic theory and chemistry.

Different domains, such as the water in your cells and the water you drink, the EMF in your environment, sound (which can be considered electromagnetic too), air, light, and others all interact with each other.

By no means does the theory claim perfection.

Of course, Newton’s theory wasn’t perfect either upon publication. 

In the centuries after Newton, Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Field Theory have begun to describe the mechanics of very small particles, and for big objects (at high speeds), Newton also got some assumptions wrong.

And yet, the main benefit of the Newtonian worldview was its increase in predictive power. Let’s explore that dynamic: 

Prediction: The Hallmark Of Science

Explanation of theory-formation are not hallmarks of science.



Remember that even ancient Greeks had explanations and theories of everything. 

“All is water”, is perhaps the most basic example. But from such a theory of everything nothing can be deduced.

No, instead, what signifies the development of mature scientific theories is the ability to predict phenomena so that you gain greater manipulability of the outside world.

Newton’s science, for instance, could be used to predict the trajectory of cannon balls after they’ve been shot. Previously, such a prediction was impossible.

In medical science today, predictive power is not as great as it should be.

Got caries in your teeth? “Well, maybe it’s your genetics”

Cancer? “Maybe you were just one of the unlucky few”

Unexplained symptoms and neurological signs? “You may have Lyme. Or Chronic Fatigue”

Of course, few of the proponents of such explanations are able to manipulate and predict the trajectory of these conditions.

The alternative?

That’s where Dr. Beck comes in:

The Primacy Of Electromagnetism And Chemistry (And Their Interaction).

Very few people working in mainstream medicine today assume that EMFs are a main source of health issues.

And yet, by manipulating EMFs (adding the correct ones, and removing unhealthy influences from the environment), many people improve their health.

Same for correcting the inhalation of unhealthy air.


Well, governments and (supra)national instituations themselves admit that air pollution kills anywhere between 7 and 11 million people on a yearly basis.

Let that number sink in…

And yet, the same governments and institutions don’t symmetrically intervene in that domain to improve the health of their citizens.

I mean, if air pollution kills you, then it’s pretty logical to focus on the source of that problem instead of managing downstream symptoms, right?

In other words, if breathing in particulate matter damages you, then it’s logical to remove that particulate matter from being breathed intsead of trying to use prescription drugs to keep lung emphysema under control, and lots of exercise to compensate for reduced lung function.


You bet…

Similarly, artificial light and noise in the environment also cause health issues. More and more high-quality data is emerging on those topics. The proposed governmental solution? Once again, that solution is not symmetrical…

Let’s not propose that you build healthy homes and offices that allow you to sleep in silence, get some sunlight during the day, and use healthy artificial light bulbs…

No, let’s propose people do nothing, and use prescription drugs once the problems are impossible to ignore.



A New Model For Health

It turns out that if you correct the environment and control for most if not all electromagnetic and chemical inputs to the human body, you naturally move towards optimal health.

Hence, optimal health is a natural state that can predictably be achieved by shaping the environment.

The new model, fortunately, is also much better in predicting and manipulating which courses of actions lead to health and disease.


The Newtonian revolution of medicine has just started. Medicine is moving away from its irrational roots based on theorizing and explaining to a more rational model that allows for prediction and manipulation.

“It’s your genes, Sir”?

No, that statement will sound barbaric in 50 years, just as the Aristotelean explanation of cannonballs did in 1750.